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SMOKE TESTING NOTCE: As part of the efforts to reduce clear-water entry into the sanitary sewer system, the City has hired Visu-Sewer, Inc. to complete smoke testing of the sewer laterals. The smoke testing will be done the week of October 5th, 2015. Click HERE to access the official notice provided by Visu-Sewer, Inc. A copy of this notice will be in the Observer on 9/30/15, and posted at City Hall, First Trust & Savings Bank, and the Post Office and on the City Facebook Page.

Homeowner's interested in planting trees can find more information on a grant program through Alliant Energy's Operation ReLeaf , where trees can be purchased at a reduced rate of $25.00. This is an ongoing program and more information is available at http://www.alliantenergy.com/CommunityInvolvement/CommunityOutreach/OperationReLeaf/index.htm 

If you'd like to view the study completed by the Iowa State University of Science & Technology in regards to quality of life and social environment in Grand Mound please click here

If you'd like to view a community wide survey that was completed back in 2003, please click here

Grants are still available & recently a new release was sent regarding applications being accepted to help with additional funding in 5 catergories in Housing. Including:

  • Lead Hazard Remediation
  • Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Activities
  • Emergency(Transitional) Housing & Special Needs Housing
  • Infastructure, lot development & new construction
  • Down Payment Assistance/Ownership Preservation

Please read this article for further details CLICK HERE

http://www.eirha.org/pdf/EIRHCHAP6-14.pdf (This is the direct link to the EIRHA Program Description) The actual application will not be available for a few days. For further questions on the program, please contact Carl Reimer at 563-556-4166



First Time Home-Buyers, as defined by HUD (the applicant or applicants must not have owned a home within the last 3 years, or the applicant is a displaced homemaker [male or female])  Applicants must be income qualified and meet all program requirements.  Approved applicants may be eligible for up to $24,999.00 of assistance as described in the grant application.  Also, approved homes must be located within the corporate City limits and be on City water and sewer.   After reviewing the grant application, if you have additional questions, contact Tim Crabb at 563-690-5772 or tcrabb@ecia.org


*please note that the application references the City of Clinton- that is not accurate; it is also for the City of Grand Mound*